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Saturday, 30th January 2016 - Classic 3V3

Congratulations to Landfall for winning today's Classic 3V3!
The team consisted of:

ClassicAcid and his team went second place, Remember This Name won the third place game against iScythe2.

Thanks for participating - those were some fun and exciting matches to watch, GGs!

Please note: Only 16 teams are in as the event had been announced at rather short notice. Therefore, the start of the tournament is delayed by one hour (13:00 UK time is the new start)!

The first round pairings have been drafted using Random.org/lists. Please click here for the screenshot of the lottery.
This is the tournament bracket with all the match-ups:

Bracket can't be displayed

The bracket will be updated every round, so if you've won your games and made it to the next round, please refresh the page to see who you're going up against and coordinate the search/match-up with the respective captain.

The field consists of the following teams:
Team Name Captain (PSN) Stream/Twitch
- Tamichou22 -
- Kniveskills81 -
Anonymous Headshots Bullstrick -
- ClassicAcid xX_LoKiXx
- karra149 -
Voices of a Distant Star Heartless549 -
IH2BU DLegitNoob DLegitNoob
iScythe1 Brenni007 -
EasyLight EfeAslanTUR -
Remember This Name Itsjoakimfn Joakimfn
iScythe2 drafix1986 DrafixTV
Mors Certissima Hamadeenutd -
WhereDemOrbsAt xxphilly10xx Unrivaled7
Landfall BlackHunter073 Tiny_Jnr
|alter ego| Begu1990 -

The game played is Classic 3V3. Apart from the very finale - which is best of 5 - every round is a best of 3 elimination. Hence, the first team to win two times makes it to the next round. As mentioned, in the finale the first team with three wins claims ultimate victory.
Including match-making et cetera the maximum of three games in the preliminary rounds are roughly going to take 30-45 minutes. Therefore, the (updated!) schedule is as follows:
* First round - 13:00 to 14:00
* Quarter Finals - 14:00 to 15:00
* Semi Finals - 15:00 to 16:00
* Finals - 16:30

There will be a "bronze medal" game as well, so both losers in the semi finals will get another crack.

How does it work?

As there are no custom games, the two teams will join the same PSN party and match up against each other (launch the search at the same time).
As soon as the right teams are matched up with one another, you mute the other party and play.
The closer the two fireteam leaders (hosts) live to one another, the easier the matching up will be.

Everyone is obviously allowed to stream and record their games for their private use - you can promote your own channels and community work that way.

The prizes

As the tournament is for free, there are no monetary prizes given out to you. This is the first tournament we are organizing, but you will definitely get honoured by the other teams and on here.
The first three teams win a guaranteed (free) entry to an upcoming tournament where a prize pool might be established!

The rules

* No Thorn! (We were asked by multiple teams if we could ban this weapon and decided to do so.)
* The team captains need to be ready for the next round at the respective starting times above. Contact one another via the Playstation Network and create a party to coordinate the match up 5 minutes prior to the start.
(Please don't contact one another too often and too early as there might still be decisive games in progress - and we don't want to block anyone's radar, do we?)
* As it is Classic 3V3, it could be either Skirmish or Salvage. You are not allowed to capture relics in case you're playing Salvage.
* Exotic Armor is not allowed [Exotic Weapons are allowed!]
* No Heavy Ammo
* No Weapons of Light
* No double subclass per team (i.e. more than 1 Hunter is allowed, but not 2 or even 3 Bladedancers!)
* No jumping off the map (on purpose to avoid a kill, i.e. when a Super is coming toward you)

How can you sign up?

Signing up is closed as we've got 16/16 teams!
If you're interested and would like to be informed about further events, please send an email to destinytournaments@gmail.com - your system (PS4/PS3/Xbox One/Xbox 360) and country of residence would help a lot as some events might be area restricted.

More information can be found here: Destiny Tournaments & RGaming on YouTube

In case there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

*: The times indicated here are UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), which is the time in the UK. A detailed table of time zones can be found here: Time Zones.